36 years in Air, Space and Missile Defense systems engineering, program management and executive leadership.

  • Vice President, KODA Technologies
  • President, Radiance Technologies
  • Chief Strategy Officer, Radiance Technologies
  • Program Director, MDA Programs, BAE Systems
  • Vice President, MEVATEC Corporation
  • Program Manager, NASA MSFC Space Sciences Laboratory Support, MEVATEC Corporation
  • Manager, NASIC Simulation Validation Program, Sverdrup Technology

Programs Supported

  • Ground Based Mid-Course Defense (GMD)
  • Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX)
  • X-Band Radar (XBR)
  • Ground Based Radar – Prototype (GBR-P)
  • Ground Based Interceptor (GBI)
  • Threat Simulation Validation (SIMVAL), National Air and Space Intelligence Center
  • USAF GBU-15
  • USAF High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM)


  • Chair and Treasurer, Air Space and Missile Defense Association
  • Chair, Marshall Small Business Executive Leadership Team (SBELT)
  • Chair, Huntsville Aerospace Marketing Association
  • Arrangements Chair, Space and Missile Defense Symposium